Temporary storage and handling before move in date are very important. Most of the professional forwarders would transfer cargo from port , airport or border gate to their warehouse to get all shipments ready for move in date. This lead to more handling but surely to avoid any issue while transferring cargo on the same day of moving in.

For heavy machinery show, containers could be arranged to transfer directly from port to site with customs on site inspection if required.

Trusted service provider must ensure cargo delivered on time, in good condition and operation team perform professional on site handling. When come to case only exclusive official on site handler provide services, non official forwarders would have to use appointed official forwarder for the last mile service. It’s useful to check in advance if your appointed forwarder could deliver cargo to stand or they have to use official forwarder on site handling

Operating with our own warehouse, truck & forklift, handling equipments and expert team we are able to work at any venue in Hanoi to provide professional service at most cost effective.

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