Each country has its own customs regulations and procedures to follow. In Vietnam, customs do not accept ATA carnet, bank guarantee is also not practiced for temporary import. Exhibition cargo will be allowed to import on temporary basic base on the exhibition license granted by trade department to the organizer. Cargo could be on temporary for maximum 30 days after show closes. For most of the shows, only official forwarders are authorized to use the show license to do temporary importation. However, non official forwarders who have good relationship with local organizers could also use show license. Today agents and exhibitors often check and compare the handling rates between official and non official forwarders to get the most competitive buying rates.

Following customs regulations, many items are required special import license such as censorship import license for printed materials, catalogues, DVD or USB with marketing contents. Food & cosmetics, medical equipments are subject to special import license from ministries of health and trade. Professional service provider who have strong connection with customs and local authorities provide clear shipping manual and documents requirements as well as speed up the license application. Customs could request physical inspection if the declaration go to red line. To avoid physical inspection, cargo declaration must be clear and detailed enough. Experienced customs broker who have strong relationship with customs could help minimize physical inspection impact.

Temporary storage and handling before move in date are very important. Most of the professional forwarders would transfer cargo from port , airport or border gate to their warehouse to get all shipments ready for move in date. This lead to more handling but surely to avoid any issue while transferring cargo on the same day of moving in.

For heavy machinery show, containers could be arranged to transfer directly from port to site with customs on site inspection if required.

We got our customs broker agent license in 2007, since then many shows consigned to our care. Our own professional customs broker team have great connection with customs and local departments to ensure smooth customs clearance while minimizing physical cargo inspection.

Operating with our own warehouse, truck & forklift, handling equipment and expert team we are able to work at any venue in Hanoi to provide professional service at most cost effective.

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